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We all have the innate need to be in relationship. We need to experience love and safety, trust and fulfillment, but often do not. Northwest Counseling services can help you get healthy and get connected again.


Wherever you are in life, there are resources to promote a healthier lifestyle, improve relationships, or increase understanding. Check with your therapist on what is available to you.

Welcome to NWCC. We provide quality counseling, which respects your growth and healing—psychological, emotional, spiritual and cultural
+ We appreciate your interest in NWCC! We have provided quality-counseling care and faith-based counseling since 1975.  Our goal has always been to provide care tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We respect all aspects of human growth and healing psychologically, physical, spiritually and culturally.

+ As a group of specialists, we can offer you professional expertise gained by many years of experience in diagnosing and treating problems related to adults, children, adolescents, couples or families.

Counseling may include: individual, marital, family or group. We also provide assessments, psychological and forensic evaluations.

Counseling Issues For Adults:

• Comprehensive counseling for emotional or psychological distress due to depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, anger, discouragement and lack of motivation.
• Marital or Relationship Issues rebuilding healthy communication, resolving conflict and improving intimacy
• Family issues related to separation or, divorce.
• Specialized counseling for victims and perpetrators of physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Problems related to career or workplace frustration.

For Families:
Comprehensive counseling for disruptive family patterns, such as screaming, anger, negative communication, anxiety and discouragement.
• Drug & alcohol use by adolescents, experimentation with peers, isolating, falling grades and increased stress in the home.
• Inappropriate sexual boundaries, within the family and/or sexual acting out by family members.
• Blending families, accepting custody agreements, divorce related grief and anger.

For Children & Adolescents:
Comprehensive counseling for behavior problems
 – anxiety, depression, ADD & ADHD, and issues with anger.
• School related problems due to attention issues, problems with peers and academic problems.
• Family issues; including problems related to divorce, separation, custody and foster care, as well as attachment issues.
• Issues related to physical and sexual abuse. Providing a safe atmosphere for the processing of abuse and education related to appropriate boundaries.

Treatment Programs: 
• Living Without Violence (Anger Management)
• Domestic and Sexual Violence

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