Counseling may include: individual, marital, family or group. We also provide assessments, psychological and forensic evaluations.

Counseling Issues For Adults:

• Comprehensive counseling for emotional or psychological distress due to depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, anger, discouragement and lack of motivation.
• Marital or Relationship Issues rebuilding healthy communication, resolving conflict and improving intimacy
• Family issues related to separation or, divorce.
• Specialized counseling for victims and perpetrators of physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Problems related to career or workplace frustration.

For Families:
Comprehensive counseling for disruptive family patterns, such as screaming, anger, negative communication, anxiety and discouragement.
• Drug & alcohol use by adolescents, experimentation with peers, isolating, falling grades and increased stress in the home.
• Inappropriate sexual boundaries, within the family and/or sexual acting out by family members.
• Blending families, accepting custody agreements, divorce related grief and anger.

For Children & Adolescents:
Comprehensive counseling for behavior problems
 – anxiety, depression, ADD & ADHD, and issues with anger.
• School related problems due to attention issues, problems with peers and academic problems.
• Family issues; including problems related to divorce, separation, custody and foster care, as well as attachment issues.
• Issues related to physical and sexual abuse. Providing a safe atmosphere for the processing of abuse and education related to appropriate boundaries.

Treatment Programs: 
• Living Without Violence (Anger Management)
• Domestic and Sexual Violence