Services_graphic(PNG)We appreciate your interest in NWCC. Our established history is important as we have provided comprehensive counseling care and faith-based counseling since 1985. As a group of independent licensed specialists we offer you professional expertise gained by many years of experience. We begin with discussing a thorough history of your presenting problems, a comprehensive assessment may be suggested, diagnosing when necessary, and discussing a plan for treating the troubling or problematic issues being experienced. We work with children, teenagers, adults, military, those involved with the legal system, couples or families and businesses.


Our Mission is Clear: “We strive to provide comprehensive mental health care which respects all aspects of human growth and healing, spiritually, psychologically, physically, and culturally.”

Our Goal is Specific: Our goal has always been to provide care tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Counseling may draw from a variety of techniques in working with adults, children or teenagers.  We also provide specialized techniques with couples and families.  In addition, we can provide assessments, psychological and forensic evaluations.

 Our Approach is Comprehensive:

We are trained and experienced with both the general application of the behavioral sciences and upon request, theological applications. We maintain continuing education to improve our knowledge and competence with the behavioral sciences consistent with our license and other credentials. We are bound to adhere to our respective Code of Ethics and the law. This includes confidentiality.

Faith based Counseling: Some of our clients seek a more spiritual direction. A faith based approach to counseling involves the application of theology and biblical understanding with the principles of modern behavioral science.  Many have been confused or uninformed about the systematic role scripture, relationship’s and the faith community can have in our spiritual and psychological growth. To quote John Townsend and Henry Cloud (How People Grow 2001)

“We believe that getting to know God more deeply, growing emotionally, and having better relationships are all matters of spiritual growth. God has designed a path of growth that leads us to him and his ways. As we learn and experience that path, we enter his life. This changes our entire existence, encompassing emotions, behavior, relationships, career, and everything else in life… We believe that the Bible and its doctrines teach the truths and principles people need in order to grow… ” 

For Adults:

Comprehensive counseling can be life changing for emotional, psychological or spiritual distress due to depression, trauma, shame, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, anger, discouragement and lack of motivation, need for personal changes, physical challenges, parenting challenges, separation or divorce, PTSD, military deployment or return from, job problems, or career changes. In addition, we work with those struggling with pornography addiction.

Marital or Relationship Challenges: We utilize and draw from work published and taught by John Townsend and Henry Cloud, John Gottman and Orville Hendricks.   We really emphasize personal growth, rebuilding healthy communication, resolving conflict , learning appropriate boundaries and improving emotional and spiritual intimacy.

Family Issues related to parenting challenges, separation or, divorce.

Specialized counseling for victims and or perpetrators of physical, psychological or sexual trauma. Problems related to career or the workplace. We offer group therapy for Anger Management.

For Families:
Comprehensive counseling for disruptive family patterns, such as screaming, anger, negative communication, anxiety and discouragement.
Drug & alcohol use by adolescents, experimentation with peers, isolating, falling grades and increased stress in the home.
Inappropriate sexual boundaries, within the family and/or sexual acting out by family members.
Blending families, accepting custody agreements, divorce related grief and anger.

For Children & Adolescents:
Comprehensive counseling for behavior problems – anxiety, depression, ADD & ADHD, and issues with anger.
School related problems due to attention issues, problems with peers and academic problems.
Family issues, including problems related to divorce, separation, custody and foster care, as well as attachment issues.
Issues related to physical and sexual abuse. Providing a safe atmosphere for process of abuse and education related to appropriate boundaries.
Counseling meeting the developmentally correct needs of children.