Lorinne Burke, MMFT, LCPC, PC


Lorinne Burke has been helping children, families and adults since her 1995 graduation from Abilene Christian University.  She has a Master’s degree is Marriage and Family Therapy.  She has worked in group homes with children who had multiple placement failures and/or a record of criminal behaviors.  She has worked with children in residential settings and their families to reconnect and learn new ways to deal with mental health issues.  Lorinne spent seven years going into homes and schools on the Crow Reservation, working with families in stress dealing with multiple diagnoses, crisis and trauma.  she continues to work with Native American slients in the office setting.  She has worked with adults facing job loss, depression, eating disorders, grief issues, defiance, aggression, and school problems.  Since Lorinne has ADHD herself, she is uniquely qualified to help parents understand their child’s behavior and formulate positive strategies to help your family.  Lorinne has worked with families going through divorce as a custody consultant, therapist for the children or a parent, custody evaluator, and expert witness.  Lorinne is also part of Burke/Newell Consulting with her partner Chuck Newell.  Burke/Newell Consulting performs parenting fitness assessments and custody evaluations.

“I’m not in some ivory tower looking down on the people I help.  I’m in the trenches with you, raising a child, making a marriage work, and trying to balance a full schedule.  My style is straight forward, no-nonsense, and deeply compassionate.  I look forward to helping you live a more fully realized life.” – Lorinne Burke, MMFT, LCPC, PC